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CPHR alerts members that training can be compromised when conducted on-line

Published: 11/28/2017 08:47

An article published by CPHR to notify members of the potential of compromised on-line training as well as the existence of technology that mitigates the issue.

Integrity Advocate Releases Whitepaper

Published: 06/01/2017 11:10

Integrity Advocate has developed authoritative report or guide (white-paper) to inform readers about a complex issue relating to the movement of training from instructor-led to on-line without loosing process integrity.

Business Practices Unknowingly Fall Short of Regulatory Expectations

Published: 05/30/2017 00:34

More and more employers are turning to on-line training because of the many benefits including, cost savings, convenience, and reduced travel time. Training providers are increasing the number of training courses available on-line because of the need from employers. Somewhere along the way, the integrity has been lost in the training process...

Industry Best Practice Addresses ID Verification and Proctoring for Online Training

Published: 05/30/2017 00:34

Alberta Industrial Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH Alberta) published an Industry Best practice on September 9, 2015, to address the emerging issues arising from regulatory critical and life-safety training that is being conducted online and the identification and participation of individuals is paramount.

Internationally Delivered Regulated Assessments Integrate Full Proctoring Service and Reduced Administrative Costs

Published: 05/30/2017 00:35

The International Competency Assessment Board (I-CAB Foundation) utilizes Integrity Advocate to fully proctor (the highest level of proctoring available) their competency assessments that are offered globally to organizations working in a wide variety of high-risk industries. This integration resulted in not only reduced costs but also allows employers to be confident in the assessment results and provides personnel with 24-hour, 365-day access throughout the globe from any secure browser. 

Multinational Organization Refuses Online Training Due to Inability to Verify Attendance

Published: 05/30/2017 00:35

On November 18, 2016 Spectra Energy issued a notice to contractors that was specific to high-risk online training content being delivered online. The notice stated that  “… security issues have been identified; specifically confirmation of the student’s attendance … all personnel conducting ground disturbance activities working for SER west will be required to hold a valid Ground Disturbance Supervisory Level 201 – Classroom (8 hour) training certificate...”

OSHA Officer and Licensed Investigator Raise Concerns about Value of Online Training

Published: 05/30/2017 00:35

An article published by BIS Training Solutions on May 12, 2016 included research and interviews with a regulator (OSHA Officer) and licenced investigator that summarizes the limited value of online training where the identification and the participation is not known and/or demonstratable by the employer ("an employer needs to confirm that the individual taking the training is the intended recipient,” states Kraft (an OSHA Officer)")

Unlocking the Benefits of Online Training

Published: 05/30/2017 00:36

Multinational integrated oil and gas company (Suncor Energy Inc.) shares video communicating "their lessons learned" from moving personnel training from instructor lead to web-based using the Integrity Advocate application. Highlights from this lessons learned video include:

“The ability for a self-directed pace of training to accommodate personnel with learning disabilities or English as a second language.” 

“Additionally, inconsistent training is no longer an issue, and the organization is now able to demonstrate compliance to regulators at the individual level.”

A Legal Opinion (from a Utilizing Organization)

Published: 05/30/2017 00:36

The internal council of a utilizing multinational organization provides a comment on the positive impact of ID verification and proctoring on the organization's demonstratable due diligence and the need for a verification process when conducting online training. The legal councils comment is as follows (with the specific organizations's name removed).

Integrity Advocate Named Finalist in 2016 OSPAs

Published: 04/29/2017 10:55

LogoIntegrity Advocate is pleased to announce that they have been named as one of the six finalists in the category of Best Integrator/Solution Provider in the 2016 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs). 

In the category of Best Integrator/Solution Provider, judges placed emphasis on how technology and/or innovation improve performance, client benefits, ease of integration and overall performance. Integrity Advocate’s identity verification tool stood out among the high number of quality entries in this category to be named a finalist.

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