The International Competency Board (I-CAB) was built with online proctoring sewn into the fabric

of the company. The mandate of the company was to deliver continued improvement and reduce

deficiencies of workers across a broad variety of industries and countries through access to online

competency assessment tools. The I-CAB team knew from the onset that in order to be successful,

they needed to maintain a high degree of certainty in their assessments.




In industries that employ contractor populations, it can be difficult to monitor competency. I-CAB

works to ensure safe work sites and integrity of the work within organizations that often employ

large numbers of remote or contract workers. Verifying competency, qualification and identification

is imperative for standards to be upheld.



A robust digital proctoring interface allowed I-CAB to not only verify identification and competency

of numerous workforces, it has enabled unrivaled integrity of the assessment with Integrity

Advocate’s solution. Not only is it possible to verify identity, but the powerful interface also allows for

participation monitoring throughout the assessment.



The non-profit organization has achieved a vision of helping workers embrace continued

improvement that leads to a positive safety culture. Some members have commented that the

proctoring component has been pivotal for them in identification and qualification validation.