Alberta Industrial Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH Alberta) published an Industry Best Practice on September 9, 2015, to address the emerging issues arising from regulatory critical and life-safety training that is being conducted online and the identification and participation of individuals is paramount. Excerpts from this best practice include:

 “Identity verification and proctoring technology is particularly critical when organizations use web-enabled educational materials as part of risk control strategies that seek to ensure that employees are competent in regulatory critical activities (e.g., standards of business conduct, financial accounting requirements, reporting requirements, disclosure, health and safety or environmental requirements).” 

“Proof of identity and/or violations must be held external to the provider of educational materials and only released to the utilizing organization where legally required.” 

“The Identity Verification and Proctoring provider must not have a financial interest in the provider of the educational material . . . This is due to the potential degradation of the integrity of identity verification and proctoring results (i.e., the provider of educational materials may have a financial incentive to minimize the impact of the IVP so higher volumes of educational materials can be delivered with less restrictions).” 

 "Organizations which fail to adopt technological advancements that are readily available and economical are vulnerable to breaching this hierarchy of control measures.”

Publication September 9, 2015