When the idea for the I-CAB Foundation was conceived the goal was to create a process that promoted competency development and provided an effective, standardized system for the assessment of functional competency. Since the Functional Competency Assessment Process needed to exist entirely online, the emphasis was placed on finding software that would be secure, cost effective and run easily on a variety of internet connections and web browsers. As the System evolved and became widely used, the need grew to not only assess the competency of an individual or organization but also to verify their identity.

The I-CAB Foundation looked for a method to verify participant identity, while still keeping the process online and overall costs down. While many proctoring systems on the market offered face-to-face proctoring via web camera access, the costs were high and implementing those systems required extensive changes to the existing assessment process.  Finally, an application called Integrity Advocate was found that was low cost, customizable and met all security expectations without the need for users to install software on their computers. On January 21, 2015, the I-CAB Foundation officially began using the Integrity Advocate application to verify the identity of all individuals taking assessments in the I-CAB System.

The Integrity Advocate application has been integrated as a modular pop-up at the start of all assessments taken in the I-CAB System. Users begin a session by providing government-issued identification and are monitored throughout the assessment by the Integrity Advocate application. The service uses facial detection and human review to confirm that the individual in the camera view matches the photo on the identification provided. Session rules set by the I-CAB Foundation, such as a participant using an electronic device, cell phone or headphones during the session, or other people being present during the assessment process, are monitored and any infractions are communicated back to the Foundation. Each session undergoes two blind reviews before results are released.

In the year since implementing identity verification and proctoring, the problem of proving user identity and participation has become a significant global issue. The choice to use Integrity Advocate has allowed the I-CAB Foundation to function prudently in this regard and with reduced operating costs. This reduction in cost was central to the recent 22% reduction in assessment costs to utilizing organizations and the removal of maintenance fees from active organizations.


  International Competency Assessment Board 2015